The POKS - Ja Człowiek (CD)


The POKS is a Polish music band, formed in 2015 in Krakow, Poland. The group makes alternative rock inspired by the British indie scene, folk and Icelandic post-rock. On May 8, 2023, the band will release its first full-length album, titled. "Ja Człowiek." The album will feature 10 tracks including singles i.e. "Acid", "World" and "All Evil". The album focuses on human nature and hypocrisy, which is present in our lives since the dawn of time. The album contains reflective lyrics that make the listener think about his attitude toward other people and the planet.


Band name: The POKS

Album title: Ja Człowiek

Label: Oskar Records

Genre: Rock

Styles: Alternative Rock

Styles: Prog Rock

Styles: Indie Rock

Media format: CD

Album year: 2023

Released: 2023

Cover format: Digipack

Band country: Poland

Released: Poland

Catalogue number: OSKAR 1141 CD

Format filtry: CD

Kod ean13: 5907811114122

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