MAYA - Fading Tomorrow (CD)


The debut album of the Hungarian band MAYA!


In the context of progressive rock music, one can repeatedly hear that its glittering years are long gone. There is also the opinion that musicians in this art form duplicate themselves and do not try to experiment, because for orthodox fans, the only thing that counts anyway are compositions lasting more than 10 minutes with lots of broken and strange phrases. Does it actually matter? After all, music is supposed to stimulate and intrigue, it is supposed to trigger emotion and reflection, and above all, it is supposed to give pleasure when communing with it. 

The Hungarians' debut consists of six well-thought-out compositions being a kind of time machine, thanks to which the listener will take a musical journey to the epochs, when prog-rock, in the broad sense of the word, emanated with a blaze of colours. Listening to the material of ‘Fading Tomorrow’ one may encounter accents associated with ELP, and after a while jump to the times of old Genesis or Marillion, ending with a strong characteristic straight out of Dream Theater. And there is absolutely nothing wrong with identifying influences as long as you turn them to your advantage, which the musicians of the Maya band have done, creating expansive and sprawling forms while adding their own unconventional style. Three of the songs last over nine minutes and carry considerable variety and sensitivity. From atmospheric keyboard solos, to sharp guitar phrases, enhanced by a solidly paced rhythm section, to vocal choruses, strongly reminiscent of those familiar from Kansas, adding colour to the whole. Without a doubt, there is much to sink your ears into.  

The remaining three songs, although definitely shorter, do not deviate at all in style and level of performance from those mentioned above. What undoubtedly catches one's attention while listening to Fading Tomorrow is the distinctive and powerful voice of Garda Zsuzsa, thanks to which a mass of emotions pours out of the speakers, perfectly matched to the instrumental track. When it's supposed to be airy and gentle - it is, when it's supposed to claw its way out and scratch - it does so with just the right amount of force and precision. You can feel that this material was not created on a knee, but required many rehearsals and hundreds of hours to finally sound so complex. After listening to it, one gets the impression that the five-member band has managed to consolidate in six compositions the output of many decades and diversify it with its own elements.

‘Fading Tomorrow’ is an interesting album, the content of which defends the thesis that prog-rock is still alive and well, while at the same time it does not reveal all the cards from the beginning, which encourages further listening. 

Author Błażej Obiała


1. Tomorrow - 12:51

2. Falling - 4:06

3. Mirror - 9:27

4. Earth and Sky - 9:45

I. Earth

II. Forest

III. Sky

5. Wake Up - 6:05

6. You and I - 3:09

Zsuzsa Garda – lead vocal 

Dávid Fecske – guitars, backing vocals 

Péter Gosztola – bass guitar, bass pedal 

Gergő Szabó – keyboards, backing vocals 

Tamás Nádhazi – drums, percussions, effects

Band name MAYA

Album title: Fading Tomorrow

Label Oskar Records

Genre Rock

Styles Prog Rock

Media format CD

Album year 2024

Released 2024

Cover format: Digipack

Band country Hungary

Country of publication Poland

Catalogue number: OSKAR 1150 CD

Format filtry: CD

Kod ean13: 5907811115020

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