Retrospective - Introvert (CD)


Retrospective, is one of the hardest working Polish bands in the prog rock music sphere. At the same time, they are also one of the most recognizable Polish groups of the genre in Europe. They tour a lot (including abroad), perform at major festivals, and even in the privacy of their homes they are still intensively searching for new sounds and recording new albums. The time has just come for yet another one of them! 

What is the first thing that throws up when listening to this material? Guitars!!! The pair of guitarists: Maciej Klimek and Darek Kazmierczak simply rule! They perform in a way perfectly suited to the album's atmosphere. At first, it may seem similar to previous releases, but the ear of a faithful Retrospective fan will catch an unusual wall of sound... It's simply exquisite! Perfectly maintained proportions between the various instruments, a large dose of really interesting electronics and spatial keyboards (Beata Łagoda), a perfectly cooperating rhythm section (Robert Kusik - drums, Łukasz Marszałek - bass) and finally the strong and distinctive voice of the front man - Kuba Roszak, supported by Beata.... simply mouthwatering!

Another difference, compared to the previous album, is the tracklist. Only six tracks! Three of them last about 9 minutes each, which is something we haven't seen in Retrospective's music for a long time! The band returns to more elaborate musical forms, but also retains what has been very valuable in their music so far - the compositions are not overdone, you listen to them with great curiosity, at times stomping your foot, and at other times closing your eyes and shaking your head in sensual semi-trance. Listening to it is a delight!

The album "iNtrovErt" confirms that Retrospective is one of the most interesting rock bands in Poland today, playing music from the circles of prog and post rock. It's a record that will also surely become famous outside our country. The material was perfectly prepared, realized and produced! We cannot wait for the concerts of the popular "Retro", as well as for a possible LP version! This is what "iNtrovErt" truly deserves!


1. Log Out
2. New Perspective
3. Invincible Man
4. Intoxicated Generation (CHECK IT ON YOUTUBE)
5. Away
6. Self-Control (CHECK IT ON YOUTUBE)

Band name Retrospective

Album title: Introvert

Label Oskar

Genre Rock

Styles Prog Rock

Media format CD

Album year 2022

Released 2022

Cover format: Digipack

Band country Poland

Country of publication Poland

Catalogue number: OSKAR 1137 CD

Format filtry: CD

Kod ean13: 5907811113729

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