When OSKAR opened in 1995, no one could have expected this turn of events…
The newly opened records wholesaler has quickly grown into something much more. That’s how both the OSKAR record label and concert agency came to be. Today after more than 25 years of experience, over 100 published albums, tens of music tours, festivals, and parties, we bring you an entirely new brand…
Independent Music Market – an independent music distributor, for an independent music market.

Huge music concerns rarely care about working with independent bands and small record labels. The independent music market, even with abundant internet access often has problems in reaching a broader audience. On the other hand, music listeners have issues when it comes to finding musical pieces that are outside of the mainstream. Our brand was created with the independent market in mind – by fans, for fans.

For who?

·         For fans - to make access to their favorite harder to find artists much easier

·         For bands - to provide them independent music distribution

·         For shops and wholesalers  - to give them a place providing independent music in an easily accessible way

·         For us – because we are also fans and this is our passion

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