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Limited version to 300 copies

Kwartet ProForma, the only five-piece quartet in Poland, is entering the music market with its long-awaited album, recorded in 2018.

The album contains 10 songs by the Canadian poet and singer Leonard Cohen in a new translation by Daniel Wyszogrodzki. The band invited famous personalities of the Polish rock scene to co-create the project: A. Jakubik , R. Kostrzewski, T. Pukacki and K. Staszewski. 

It is an album that will definitely attract fans of the Kwartet ProForma itself as well as Cohen's work, who will appreciate the innovative, but respectful approach to the writer's work. 


Numbered and limited edition to 100 copies. It will include also the CD ‘Alternative Ghosts’ containing contemporary versions of all the songs from the original album. Available only here.


Flamborough Head's new studio album Jumping The Milestone. Six brand new songs were composed and arranged by the group's new lineup.