Lake Of Tears - By The Black Sea (CD+DVD)


CD-1 Intro - To Die Is To Wake 3:56
CD-2 Taste Of Hell 3:52
CD-3 Illwill 4:39
CD-4 The Greymen 4:23
CD-5 Boogie Bubble 5:05
CD-6 Cosmic Weed 3:35
CD-7 As Daylight Yields 3:27
CD-8 The Shadowshires 4:28
CD-9 Raven Land 5:20
CD-10 Sweetwater 4:29
CD-11 Demon You / Lily Anne 4:23
CD-12 House Of The Setting Sun 6:11
CD-13 Making Evenings 2:50
CD-14 Crazyman 5:37
CD-15 So Fell Autumn Rain 4:53
CD-16 Forever Autumn 6:42

DVD-1 Intro - To Die Is To Wake
DVD-2 Taste Of Hell
DVD-3 Illwill
DVD-4 The Greyman
DVD-5 Boogie Bubble
DVD-6 Cosmic Weed
DVD-7 As Daylight Yields
DVD-8 The Shadowshires
DVD-9 Raven Land
DVD-10 Sweetwater
DVD-11 Demon You Lily Anne
DVD-12 House Of The Setting Sun
DVD-13 Making Evenings
DVD-14 Crazyman
DVD-15 So Fell Autumn Rain
DVD-16 Forever Autumn Bonus Material
DVD-17 Making Of
DVD-18 Interview
DVD-19 House Of The Setting Sun (Video Clip)
DVD-20 Illwill (Video Clip)

Band name Lake Of Tears

Album title: By The Black Sea

Label AFM Records

Genre Rock

Styles Prog Rock

Styles Prog Rock

Styles Gothic Metal

Styles Gothic Metal

Media format CD+DVD

Album year 2014

Released 2014

Cover format: Jewel Case

Band country Sweden

Country of publication Germany

Catalogue number: AFM 484-7

Format filtry: CD+DVD

Kod ean13: 884860097178

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