Traumhaus - In Oculis Meis (2CD)


Deutsche Version
CD1-1 Das Erwachen 2:14
CD1-2 Bewahren & Verstehen 8:22
CD1-3 Der Vorsprung 6:13
CD1-4 Entfliehen 5:22
CD1-5 Viele Wege 4:47
CD1-6 Der Neue Morgen 7:41
CD1-7 Verstehen & Bewahren 5:34
CD1-8 Die Dunkelheit Durchleuchten 8:58

English Version
CD2-1 The Awakening 2:14
CD2-2 Preserve & Understand 8:22
CD2-3 Walk On Yourself 6:13
CD2-4 Escape 5:22
CD2-5 So Many Ways 4:47
CD2-6 The New Morning 7:41
CD2-7 Understand And Preserving 5:34
CD2-8 X-Ray The Darkness 8:58

Band name Traumhaus

Album title: In Oculis Meis

Label Progressive Promotion Records

Genre Rock

Styles Prog Rock

Media format 2CD

Album year 2020

Released 2020

Cover format: Digipack

Band country Germany

Country of publication Germany

Catalogue number: PPRCD081

Format filtry: CD

Kod ean13: 16027657653

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